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Ali'I GT7 9'

Guy Takayama

Ali'I GT7 9'



The Ali'i GT-7 Peformance Noserider in Fiberglass features a XEON pigmented fiberglass deck, bottom and rails. This surfboard is designed with a wide, round nose with concave, flat bottom transitioning into a vee with a slight tail kick. The Ali'i GT-7 is an outstanding noserider, but it doesn’t stop there. The tail pulls into a performance profile, and the rail gets progressively harder starting from about eight inches up from the side bites, making this a hyper performance longboard that rips turns as well as it noserides.

The Guy Takayama Ali'i GT7 Performance Noserider is designed with advanced materials and manufacturing methods for hyper performance results. This performance longboard features hand-laid lamination with high impact Epoxy resin. The blank is custom molded and constructed with fused cell EPS foam core. Add the high density foam shell and 2 layers of 4 oz XEON fibreglass and you'll know why this board is so strong, durable and resistant to heel dents. 

So, if you like ripping it off the bottom and going straight vertical as much as hangin’ it on the nose, the Ali’i is your solution. Guy Takayama has won more contests surfing the Ali’i GT-7 than on any other surfboard model. Enough said.


  • 9’0” x 22 ¾” x 2 ¾”
  • Nose: 19 1/2"
  • Tail: 14 5/8"
  • Square Tail
  • 9'0" Volume: 62 Liters
  • Deck: 2 Layers of 4 oz XEON Pigmented Fiberglass, 1 Layer of 4 oz Fiberglass
  • Bottom: 2 Layers of 4 oz XEON Pigmented Fiberglass, 1 Layer of 4 oz Fiberglass
  • 100% Hand Layup
  • Epoxy resins
  • EPS Core
  • Advanced Materials

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