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Hoku GT2 10'

Guy Takayama

Hoku GT2 10'



The Hoku GT2 Performance Longboard is super-versatile, performing in everything from small waves to surf that’s well overhead. This surfboard is designed with XEON pigmented fibreglass deck and bottom. This performance longboard features a full nose with concave and a tapered rail, complimenting the parabolic outline. The Hoku GT2 has plenty of nose rocker and tail kick, making it responsive and super-manoeuvrable in a wide range of surf conditions. The concave also sets you up for noseriding when you’re ready to perch.

All 10'0" Hoku GT2 Full XEON Fiberglass models feature silver bottom & rails, with several color options for the deck.

The lightweight design of the Hoku GT2 lets you swing the nose faster, enabling sharper turns and quick manoeuvrability in all sizes of surf. The 10'0" Hoku GT-2 Performance Longboard will be the Hoku (star) of your quiver.


  • 10’0” x 24” x 3 ¼”
  • Rounded pin tail
  • Epoxy construction for lightweight and strength
  • XEON Pigmented Fiberglass
  • 2+1 FCS fin set-up
  • 3 Layers of 4 oz fiberglass deck and bottom
  • 100% Hand layups
  • Volume: 84 Liters
  • Epoxy resins
  • EPS Core
  • Advanced Materials

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