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Kolohe 8' Carbon Coloured Glass Deck

Guy Takayama

Kolohe 8' Carbon Coloured Glass Deck



If you're trapped in your imagination between a thruster and a performance longboard, the Kolohe GT-5 Performance Fun Board is the surfboard for you. The Kolohe GT-5 is a mid-range fun board that can satisfy both sides of your psyche. This surfboard features a XEON pigmented fibreglass deck and bottom.

Set it up as a 2+1 and rip it up in everything from 2 feet to overhead+. Go to single fin mode and carve arching sweepers. You can even get up on the nose of this little beast. Great fun shape with hard rail from the side fins back, and a tail you can bury.

This surfboard is designed by Guy Takayama for hyper performance surfing. The GT-5 is designed to be super fast to get around sections, blast airs, and shoot down the line. The shape is designed specifically to optimise advanced materials and are tuned to take full advantage of the epoxy materials while delivering performance superior to PU boards. This board is 100% hand layup with hand laid XEON pigmented fibreglass, sanded and polished with the quality of a skilled craftsmen.

Surf faster, turn quicker and carve deeper riding the Kolohe GT-5 Performance Fun Board.
  • 8'0" x 23" x 3"
  • 2 + 1 Fin Set-up Note: 5 fin set-up available Summer 2015
  • Nose: 18 1/4"
  • Tail: 15 1/4"
  • Round Pin Tail
  • Deck: 1 Layer of 6 oz Carbon Fiber, 1 Layer of 2 oz Fiberglass, 4 oz Fiberglass
  • Bottom: 1 Layer of 6 oz Carbon Fiber, 1 Layer of 2 oz Fiberglass, 1 Layer of 4 oz Fiberglass
  • Custom molded blank
  • 100% Hand layup
  • Volume: 56 Liters
  • 100% Hand Layup
  • Epoxy resins
  • EPS Core
  • Advanced Materials

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